Working draft of the CC&Rs

Working draft of the Northridge Village CC&Rs

Below is a bullet point summary of CC&R’s that will apply to all 24 of the Northridge Village lots (Northridge IX Blocks 31 & 32).

These bullet points will be used to craft proper CC&R’s for recording:

  • Garages must face the street (either First Ave North or Second Ave North).
  • Alley is for visitor parking only.  Alley is intended to be pedestrian friendly.
  • All houses must have a covered front porch, no less than 72 sq. ft., facing the alley.
  • All windows facing the alley must be taller than they are wide.
  • Body of the house must be a different color than the trim.
  • No fencing within 15’ of property line on street side.
  • No fencing within 20’ of property line on alley side.
  • Trampolines must be screened from the Alley.
  • Recreational vehicles must be screened from October 1 to May 1.
  • A tree (Minimum 2” trunk diameter, 10’ tall) must be planted within 5 feet of the street-side lot line at the south corner for lots on 1st and 2nd Ave, an additional tree must be planted on the north street side of lots bordering Cobblestone Ln, within 12 months of construction.
  • Driveways must access the street (not the alley) and be set back at least 10’ from any side property line.
  • Duplexes must have shared driveways.
  • Owners shall familiarize themselves with the City of Hailey Snow Removal Policies.
  • House plans must be submitted to the HOA for approval prior to beginning construction.
  • A deposit of $2,000 by the builder of a house must be made prior to construction, to be held by the HOA, and to be released upon completion of construction, for assurance that the Design Review Guidelines have been followed.

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