Community Housing

Community Housing for People who Live & Work in our Valley

There are two affordable housing entities in the valley:

BCHA Blaine County Housing Authority (BCHA) 


ARCH Community Housing Trust.

Both have purchase and rental options. It is a good idea to get on both BCHA and ARCH waiting lists.


Anna just sold the first Ownership and Preservation Program home!City of Ketchum: Ownership and Preservation Program (OPP)

Just rolled out in January 2024, this program offers between 15% and 30% of appraised value in exchange for a deed restriction. This works for existing homeowners or buyers. The restrictions include that the homeowner must live in a home located in the city of Ketchum as their primary residence, work for a company based in Blaine County, and there is a net worth restriction, no short term rentals allowed, and subsequent buyers must meet same qualifications. For the 15% funding, there is no cap on appreciation, for the 30% funding the appreciation is limited to 3% or CPI, whichever is less. For details, check out the OPP Description and Policies.




What does ARCH have available for Purchase? House For Sale

No new homes are planned for purchase in 2023. 

There are already built ARCH homes that may come up for resale from time to time, so it is a good idea to get on the list.

BCHA may have properties to purchase: BCHA/Purchase.


What kind of programs does ARCH have?

Waiting ListARCH finances homes through various programs. Some are federally funded and target a specific Area Median Income (AMI) bracket as defined by HUD. Other programs are funded through partnerships or private funds, and may have different AMI targets, or no income limitations (but generally a net worth cap and other requirements).


Looking for an Affordable Rental?House For Rent

Try these links:




Many Programs are base on Income, measure by Area Median Income (AMI)

See Blaine County Housing Authority’s table for income by category/AMI:

Income & Asset Limits and Monthly Housing Costs (




Discontinued for now:

ARCH & City of Hailey: “Locals Only” Homeownership Opportunity

This new and innovative program seeks to support locally employed people by providing access to homeownership.  This is a Partnership between the City of Hailey and ARCH. There is no income restriction, but the buyer must be a local. For details, check out the ARCH/City of Hailey “Locals Only” Homeownership Opportunity (Category L) page.