Countryside Homes

An Amazing Opportunity for Affordable Hailey Homes

In collaboration with the City of Hailey and the Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA) HOME program, ARCH brings us 9 homes (for rental and purchase) on parcel O at the corner of Countryside and Woodside.

The “for sale” units are under contract; there will be one more in 2021.  To be placed on the waiting list, please contact me.

To get on the waiting list, see How to Qualify? on the ARCH page.

The waiting list will be used for first come first serve on all ARCH inventory, resale and upcoming opportunities like Quigley Farms. 


The Countryside Homes

Plan 1 

3 bedrooms
All bedrooms upstairs
2.5 baths
2-car garage
1330 SF – 1387 SF
White vertical siding
Black windows & doors
Located in Woodside

Download Flyer Plan 1

Plan 2 

Master on Main Floor
2 additional bedrooms upstairs
2.5 baths
2-car garage
1320 SF
White vertical siding
Black windows & doors
Located in Woodside

Download Flyer Plan 2


House Plans – Plan 1:

Plan 1 All bedrooms on second floor 1330 -1387 SF



House Plans – Plan 2:

Pages from Plan 2 Master down, 2 up 1320 SF-2

Plan 2 Master down, 2 up 1320 SF


CC&Rs 218277


The ARCH / HOME Investment Partnerships Program:

ARCH Community Housing Trust has teamed up with the Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA) to build and make this brand-new home available via the HOME program.

  • HUD determines the maximum purchase price, which is $283,000 at this time; and is recalculated annually based on Area Median Income.
  • HOME will contribute $40,000 to the purchase in the form of a subsidy, which stays with the property when sold.
  • The Land will belong to ARCH, the buyer will pay $30/month for the land lease. This keeps the property taxes lower than other market-rate homes.
  • The buyer only needs to get a mortgage for an estimated $173,000.
  • Purchaser understands that they must notify ARCH of an intention to sell AND ARCH will have an option to purchase for 30 days once the option price has been established. The intent is to ensure that qualified household on the ARCH waiting list have an option to purchase in the order in which they applied.
  • Fee at Resale: The administrative fee due to ARCH at the time Purchaser re-sells the Property shall be as specified in the Land Lease and may be up to 3% of the sale price.
Estimated Home Price:
Sales price $283,000*
HOME Funds Subsidy $40,000*
Land Appraised Value $70,000*
Buyer’s Mortgage $173,000*

* Numbers are subject to revision according to HUD annual requirements.

Program Requirements & Deed Restrictions:

In order to keep this home affordable in the future, this is not like a regular real estate market sale.

  • To Qualify, you must earn 80% of Area Median Income (AMI)* or less.
Household Size 80% of AMI Household Size 80% of AMI
1 $43,900        5 $67,750       
2 $50,200        6 $72,750
3 $56,450 7 $77,750
4 $62,700 8 $82,800
  • There is no residency requirement to purchase, however the owner must use the home as a primary residence.
  • IHFA will conduct annual verification the homebuyer or homebuyer’s household continues to occupy the assisted property as a principle residence. Verification will continue during the affordability period.

Summary Of Qualifications DRAFT
Idaho Housing Qualifications 20 pages

Please read the Deed Restrictions: updated 2/19/2021
Ground Lease_IHFA Community Land Trust_2.19.2021


Re-sale Information:

  • The goal of affordable housing is to keep it affordable. For this reason, when you go to sell your home, you will need to have it appraised, and there will be restrictions on the amount of appreciation that you can earn. The Sale is of the improvements only and must be to an income qualified buyer.
  • There are limitations on the appreciation that can be realized. See the example in the Deed Restriction document under “Sample Resale Calculation”.
  • There may be a 3% fee at resale. The purpose of allowing the land trust the ability to charge 3% is so that if the land trust buys the home and then re-sells the home, they are able to pay Realtor fees. ARCH would prefer not to purchase the home but ARCH wishes that when a home comes up for resale, that the people on the ARCH waiting list are given an opportunity to purchase it based on their priority on the waiting list.


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