BCHA Programs


What does BCHA have available for Purchase?

House For Sale

113 Angani Way #2091 Elkhorn Village – Local Workforce

1908 Warm Springs Rd #28 Pineridge – Category 3 

There may be others on the Blaine County Housing website.


What kind of programs does BCHA have?

Many Programs are based on Income Categories, measured by Area Median Income (AMI)

See Blaine County Housing Authority’s table for income by category/AMI: Income & Asset Limits and Monthly Housing Costs 

BCHA lists the properties available to purchase on their website: BCHA/Purchase.


Local Ownership Workforce Programs

In addition to Income Deed Restrictions, there are also “Local” Workforce Programs:

These do not restrict income, but do have net worth limits, and require the owner to live in the property as a primary residence, work in Blaine County, and not own other real estate.


An example of a Local Ownership program is the …

Anna just sold the first Ownership and Preservation Program home!City of Ketchum: Ownership and Preservation Program (OPP)

Just rolled out in January 2024, this program offers between 15% and 30% of appraised value in exchange for a deed restriction. This works for existing homeowners or buyers. The restrictions include that the homeowner must live in a home located in the city of Ketchum as their primary residence, work for a company based in Blaine County, and there is a net worth restriction, no short term rentals allowed, and subsequent buyers must meet same qualifications. For the 15% funding, there is no cap on appreciation, for the 30% funding the appreciation is limited to 3% or CPI, whichever is less. For details, check out the OPP Description and Policies.



To Apply

Visit the BCHA website.


List of Lenders

It is important to work with a lender who know Deed Restrictions (there may be others). These lenders have experience.