ARCH Programs




What kind of programs does ARCH have?

Waiting ListARCH finances homes through various programs. Some are federally funded and target a specific Area Median Income (AMI) bracket as defined by HUD. Other programs are funded through partnerships or private funds, and may have different AMI targets, or no income limitations (but generally a net worth cap and other requirements).



What does ARCH have available for Purchase? House For Sale

Three new homes are scheduled to be available in Spring of 2025. They are for households earning up to 80% of Area Median Income which is based on household size. 



Area Median Income Table for the 80% AMI/Category 4:

Household Size Maximum Income Per Year
1 Person  $51,680
2 Person  $59,040
3 Person  $66,400
4 Person  $73,760
5 Person  $79,680
6 Person  $85,600



There are already built ARCH homes that may come up for resale from time to time, so it is a good idea to get on the list.



To Apply:

Fill out the form according to your income, and email it along with a Pre-Qualification letter.


ARCH Purchase Application HOME – 80% Area Median Income

ARCH Purchase Application Category L/Local Workforce – No Income Limit

List of Lenders

It is important to work with a lender who know Deed Restrictions (there may be others). These lenders have experience.