Affordable Housing for People who Live & Work in our Valley

There are two affordable housing entities in the valley: Blaine County Housing Authority (BCHA) and ARCH Community Housing Trust. Both have purchase and rental options. It is a good idea to get on both BCHA and ARCH waiting lists.

What does ARCH have available for Purchase? House For Sale

2023 – 1 home in Woodside, 1 in Gannett, 1 in Picabo, 1 in Carey.   These will all be for 80% of AMI through the IHFA HOME program.

And there are occasionally other resale opportunities, so it is a good idea to get on the list early.

There are other ARCH homes that may come up for resale from time to time.

BCHA may have properties to purchase: BCHA/Purchase.

How to qualify?

Homes are made available based on your income. ARCH uses multiple federal programs to finance  homes, each program targets a different income category. Sometimes there are two identical units financed with different programs and as a result, the allowable income and rent is different for identical units. Additionally allowable incomes are a function of household size. 

Maximum Allowable Annual Income:

As of June, 2022, the new HUD limits will be:

Household Size
Maximum allowable annual income 1 2 3 4 5
80%AMI $44,450    $50,800    $57,150    $63,4500    $68,550   

You will be required to take the Finally Home Class online or in person.

Other restrictions apply.

A deed restriction (also called Covenant or Land Lease) will require that:

  • You must live in the home as a primary residence, it cannot be rented out or used as a second home
  • You will own the home and you will lease the land from ARCH
  • When you resell, your buyer must qualify for the same program requirements


How do I get on the ARCH Waiting List?

The date of your application establishes your priority.Waiting List

To be placed on the waiting list, you need to provide:

Please send to me via email.

Note: The prequalification letter for the 80% AMI purchase opportunities (i.e. Countryside) must state that you qualify for the IHFA HOME program.


Lenders with experience with IHFA/HOME: click here



Looking for an Affordable Rental?House For Rent

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